Product Chemical ComponentsTechnical Index FeaturesApplications
Finishing Agent with Anti-pilling Effect WF-6505 Special Polymer Compounds;PH:7-9;
1. Anti-pilling property and reduce tendency of pill.
2. Improve wear resistance.
3. Good film-forming properties.
Anti-pilling finishing of various fabrics.
Finishing Agent for Artificial Cotton WF-8109N Special silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 86-90%
Weakly Cationic
1. Good stability in high shear and wide PH range.
2. Low yellowing.
3. Give fabric soft, plump, silky feel effect.
4. Excellent compatibility.
Soft finishing of cotton, linen, rayon and their blended fabrics, and cotton/nylon woven fabrics, especially for home textile fabrics with reactive printing.
Finishing Agent with Bright, soft and Smooth Effect WF-8403 Special Silicone Polymers;
Solid content: 38-42%
PH:5-7; Cationic/Nonionic1. Excellent oiliness, soft and smooth handle.
2. Good elastic finishing style with a silky feel.
3. Good chemical stability and compatibility;
4. Excellent gloss brightness and freshness.
All kinds of wool products, such as polyester micro-velvet, T/C micro-velvet, cotton towel cloth, etc.