Product Chemical ComponentsTechnical Index FeaturesApplications
Hydrophilic Silicone Oil WF-6508 Self-emulsifying and hydrophilic Polyether Modified Silicone oil;
Solid content: 97% min
PH: 6-8;
1. Excellent softness, fullness.
2. Better air permeability, and antistatic properties.
3. Low yellowing.
4. Better compatibility
Cotton, linen, polyester and their blended fabrics.
Hydrophilicity Silicone Oil with Cold Sensation WF-8499N Polyether block silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 60-62%
PH:4-6; Weakly Cationic1. Good hydrophilic effect and good thermal stability.
2. Soft and smooth effect, with obvious cold silk feeling.
3. Low yellowing.
4. No APEO.
Hydrophilic ice-smooth finishing of pure cotton, lycra and mercerized cotton.