It is suitable for non-ionic antistatic finishing, anti-yellowing finishing, moisture absorption and sweat removal finishing, antistatic treatment and fragrance finishing of cotton, polyester, wool and their blended fabrics.

Product Chemical ComponentsTechnical Index FeaturesApplications
Non-ionic Antistatic Powder WF-6480A Special nonionic polymer complexWhite and slightly-moist powder;
1. Excellent antistatic performance.
2. Excellent ability of moisture absorption, conductivity, anti-fouling and dust-proof.
3. Improve pilling resistance.
Antistatic treatment of polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool and their blended fabrics
Stiffening Agent WF-6490 Modified Amino ResinPH: 7-9High reactivity, excellent stiffness, anti-slip effect, good elasticity, don't become soft again.Stiff finishing of polyester, nylon and their blended fabrics.
Hygroscopicity and Perspiration Eliminating Agent WF-6502N Hydrophilic polyester Flake;
1. Excellent hygroscopicity, quick drying, easy decontamination and antistatic.
2. Fluffy and soft handle.
3. Good washing resistance.
Moisture absorption and sweat removal finishing of polyester, nylon, acetate and their blended fabrics.
Used as crosslinking agent.
Anti-yellowing Agent WF-6503 Special Polymer CompoundsPH: 5-7;
1. Anti-yellowing from heat setting.
2. Protecting amino groups.
3. Prevent yellowing caused by impurities.
Deepening finishing of polyester, nylon, cotton and their blended dyed and printed fabrics.
Anti-Ultraviolet Finishing Agent WF-6504 Aromatic Organic Modified CompoundsPH: 3.5-5.5;
1. Excellent ultraviolet absorption performance.
2. Improve fastness to sunlight.
3. Good stability.
Anti-ultraviolet finishing of polyester fabrics and improving the fastness to sunlight.
Aromatic Finishing Agent WF-6506 Aromatic CompoundPH: 5.5-7.5;
Lasting pure elegant fragrance.Fragrance finishing of cotton, linen, wool, silk and chemical fibre fabrics.