Brightening agent is a kind of organic compound which can improve the whiteness of fibre fabrics and paper. Also known as optical whitening agent, fluorescent whitening agent. Fabrics and so on are often yellow due to the presence of colored impurities.

Product Chemical ComponentsTechnical Index FeaturesApplications
Fluorescent Whitening Agent WF-9021 Diphenyl ethylene derivativesPale yellow dispersions;
1. High whiteness.
2. Low dosage.
3. Strong fluorescence.
4. No macular and uneven color.
Whitening and brightening of polyester and its blended fabrics, or whitening of acetic acid fibers.
Fluorescent Whitening Agent WS-D
Diphenyl ethylene derivativesGrey-blue dispersions;
1. High whiteness with low dosage.
2. No influence on coloration by temperature.
Whitening and brightening polyester and blended fabrics.
Whitening Agent for Cotton MST-1
Stilbene disulfonate derivativesBrown-yellow to brown-red transparent liquid;
1. Excellent whiteness, pure and bright color.
2. Less yellowing.
3. Excellent acid, alkali, hard water and electrolyte resistance.
4. Low foam and good water solubility.
Pad dyeing of cotton, linen and blended fabrics at room temperature.
Fluorescent Whitening Powder 4BK-1 Stilbene derivativesPale yellow uniform powder1. Fluorescence whitening effect with a slight blue-purple light.
2. Insensitive to light and stable chemical properties.
3. Resist weak acid, alkali, hydrogen peroxide and perborate.
One bath whitening of cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabrics and pad dyeing process.