Special Silicone Polymers 

Technical Index

AppearanceMilky liquid
Solid Content, %38.0-42.0
PH Value (1% water solution)5.0-7.0

Features and Advantages

1. Suitable for impregnating and rolling of various fibers. The finished fabric has excellent oiliness and smooth handle. Good elastic finishing style gives the fabric a silky feel. 

2. Good chemical stability and compatibility with various cationic softeners.

3. It can be used alone, feel slippery, or with softener, the effect is better.  


It is suitable for all kinds of wool products, such as polyester micro-velvet, T/C micro-velvet, cotton towel cloth, etc. It has good soft handle, excellent gloss brightness and freshness.


1. Dip-rolling process: Dosage: 10-20g/L.       

2. Impregnation process: Dosage: 1-2%(o.w.f).

It can also be diluted with 1:2 water. Depending on the specific fabric and application, the drying and setting temperature is 120-180℃.

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.


120KG Plastic Drum or other packing on request. Sealed and light-proof storage. 

Shelf life: 

12 months.