Special Polymer Compounds

Technical Index

AppearanceMilky white liquid with blue light
PH Value (1% water solution)7.0-9.0

Features and Advantages

1. Give the fabric anti-pilling property and reduce the tendency of the fabric to pill.            

2. Improve the wear resistance of the fabric.            

3. It only has little influence on the feeling of the fabric. 


It is suitable for anti-pilling finishing of various fabrics and has good film-forming properties. Usage

Dip-rolling process: 

WF-6505 15-40g/L

Firstly, make liquid mixing and then dip-rolling with about 70-80% liquid carrying rate。The baking temperature is 150-160℃. 

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.


120KG Plastic Drum or other packing on request.

Sealed and light-proof storage.

Shelf Life

12 months.