Inorganic salts and surfactants 

Technical Index

AppearanceWhite little moist Powder
PH Value (1% water solution)9.0-11.0
Detergency Ratio of Standard Powder≥1.00
Foaming Strength≤100mm

Features and Advantages

This product is a high-performance concentrate. It has good oil removal effect in near neutral and weak acid bath, and has little influence on coloured light. It has good compatibility with other auxiliaries in scouring and dyeing process and does not affect the dyeing process. It has better degreasing effect and excellent desizing effect without adding alkali. APEO is not included.


It is suitable for de-oiling process of low alkali pretreatment of polyester and its blended fabrics and de-oiling and desizing process of scouring and dyeing in the same bath. 


1.One-bath scouring and dyeing process for polyester and its blended fabrics:   

WF-104: 0.4-2g/L, high temperature leveling agent: 0.7-1.0g/L, 

glacial acetic acid: 0.4-0.6g/L (or ammonium sulfate 0.7-1.0g/L), dye: Xg, 

bath ratio: 1:10, temperature: 130℃, holding time: 20-30 minutes.       

2.Degreasing process of wool and silk fabrics: WF-104: 0.4-2g/L, 

temperature: 90-95℃, time: 30-60 minutes

3.Treatment technology of heavy oil scale polyester fabrics:            

WF-104: 1-3g/L, liquid alkali (30%): 2-4g/L, bath ratio: 1:10, 

temperature: 130℃, holding time: 30-60 minutes. 

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.

It is necessary to add acid to adjust the pH value in use, otherwise it will have impact on the coloured light, and need to be confirmed.


25KG bags or other packing on request.

Sealed and light-proof storage.

Shelf Life

12 months.