Amino modified silicone emulsion 

Technical Index

AppearanceLight fluorescent transparent micro-emulsion
Solid Content, %10.0-12.0
PH Value (1% water solution)4.0-6.0

Features and Advantages

1. the product is transparent organosilicon microemulsion. It has good penetrability and strong affinity to fabrics.            

2. It has good water solubility, stability and mixability, and can be compatible with other non-ionic and anionic additives.            

3. It can give the fabric a smooth and elastic style with durable washability. If it is compounded with fluffy finishing agent, it can make different feel on T/R woolen imitation cloth, spandex cloth and woolen felt cloth.            

4. It is not easy to produce defects such as sticking rolls, cracking yarns and silicone oil spots.


It is suitable for finishing various fibre fabrics, especially polyester and polyester-viscose, polyester-cotton blended fabrics.  


This product is used for finishing of fabrics and can be carried out according to conventional process.            

Dip Rolling Process: Dosage 20-50 g/L

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.


120KG Plastic Drum or other packing on request. Sealed and light-proof storage. 

Shelf life

12 months.