ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications
Silicone oli 201Polydimethylsiloxane FluidViscosity:5cst -60000cst1. Good chemical stability
2. Electrical insulation.
3. Weatherability.
4. Hydrophobicity.
5. High shear resistance.
Insulation oil, lubricating oil, oil and dust proof, dielectric liquid and heat carrier, release agent, additive for daily chemicals.
Methyl Hydrogen Silicone oil WF-202PolymethylhydrosiloxaneHydrogen Content: 1.58%min1. Outstanding water repellent property.
2. high vapor permeability.
Waterproofing agent for various materials, especially for fabric waterproofing.
Hydroxy Terminated Silicone Fluid WF-401Silanol Terminated PolydimethylsiloxaneViscosity:20cst -70cst1. Oligomeric siloxane synthesized by cyclic polymerization.
2. Control agent of silicon rubber structure.
Waterproofing, softening and anti-sticking treatment of fabrics, paper and leather.