Dyeing agent is used in the main body of dyeing process. Different fiber fabrics use different dyeing agents. According to different processes, dyeing assistants include repairing agents, one-bath agents, deformers, dispersant, levelling agents, dye-fixing agents.

ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications

Modified silicone emulsion, non-ionic surfactant;

PH: 7-9;
1.Specially designed for use in aqueous systems.
2.Less dosage, faster defoaming, longer lasting effect.
3.Good effect in controlling foams.
Wastewater treatment for textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries.
High Concentration Leveling Agent

Special surfactant complex;
Solid content: 80-82%;
PH: 3-5;
Anion/ Nonionic
1.Low achromaticity and good dyeing reproducibility.
2.Excellent dispersion stability.
High temperature and high pressure dyeing of polyester and blended fabrics.
Effective Repairing Agent

Special surfactants;
Solid content: 80%;
PH: 5-7
1.Super migration property.
2.No influence on colored light.
3.Improve colour fastness in a wide range of colors.
4.Good fixation reproducibility.
5.Don't affect the handle and hydrophilicity of dyed fabrics.
6.No free formaldehyde or bound formaldehyde.
Repairing defects of polyester fibers and its blended fabrics.
High Concentration Fixing Agent

Polymer with Special Reaction Groups;
Solid content: 38-40%;
PH: 4-6;
Cation/ Nonionic
1.Effectively improve wet rubbing fastness of fabrics.
2.Improve colour fastness in a wide range of colors.
3.Good fixation reproducibility.
4.Don't affect the handle and hydrophilicity of dyed fabrics.
5.No free formaldehyde or bound formaldehyde.
Dyeing or printing of various cotton products with reactive dyes to improve color fastness, especially for fixing fabrics with high fastness requirements.

Anti-wrinkle and Wear Resistance Finishing Agent

Special Polymer Compound

Granular crystallization;
PH: 6-8;
1.Prevent or alleviate wrinkles and prevent chicken feet printing.
2.Soft handle.
3.Low foam and good stability.
Pretreatment, dyeing and post-treatment of various fabrics.
Scouring and Dyeing One-bath Agent for Polyester Fibers

Compounds Synthesized with Special SurfactantsPH: 6;
Anion/ Nonionic
1,Realize sourcing and dyeing in one bath.
2.Reduce sewage discharge and reduces cost.
3.Reduce weighing error.
4.Excellent low foam properties.
Scouring and dyeing of polyester fabrics in the same bath, especially for high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing of high density, heavy fabrics and gray fabrics.