Our textile auxiliaries mainly cover textile pretreatment chemicals, dyeing, brightening, post-treatment and functional finishing agents, especially for de-oiling agent, levelling agent, dye-fixing agent, soaping agent, repairing agent, Self-emulsifying silicone oil, hydrophilic silicone oil, block or micro silicone emulsion, high concentration silicone oil, and silicone oil emulsion with different hand feelings, dimethyl silicone oil and some fine chemical products. The product quality is stable, the performance is excellent with competitive prices.

ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications
De-oiling Agent WF-101
Inorganic salts and surfactantsWhite Powder;
PH: 9-12
1. Strong oil removing ability, good emulsification and dispersion.
2. Desizing, scouring and cleaning functions.
3. Better whiten and brighten effect and improve handle feel.
1.Pretreatment of polyester and its blended fabrics.
2. Degreasing, scouring, desizing and general cleaning of other kinds of fabrics.
3. Used for cleaning printing and dyeing equipment.
De-oiling Agent WF-201F
Inorganic salts and surfactantsWhite Powder;
PH: 9-12
1. Concentrated de-oiling agent.
2. Desizing, scouring and cleaning functions.
3. Good effect on removing macula and oil stain for light and whitening varieties.
Degreasing, desizing, scouring and cleaning of polyester, acrylic and their blended fabrics.
De-oiling Agent WF-104

Inorganic salts and surfactantsWhite and slightly-moist powder;
PH: 9-11
1.Good oil removal effect in near neutral and weak acid bath.
2.Good compatibility.
3.Better degreasing and desizing effect without adding alkali.No APEO.
1.De-oiling process of low alkali pretreatment of polyester and its blended fabrics.
2. De-oiling and desizing process of scouring and dyeing in the same bath.
Multi-function Scouring Powder WF-4006

Surfactants, Inorganic Salts;White Powder;
PH: 11-12
1. Multi-functional scouring assistant.
2. Low weight loss rate of fabrics.
3. Improve COD value of wastewater.
Alkali-oxygen one-bath pretreatment of cotton, polyester-cotton warp-weft knitted fabrics, towels, skeins, cheese, etc.
Chelating Disperse Agent WF-4003A

Organic acid complexesPH: 5-7;
1. Excellent complexing and dispersing ability.
2. Strong anti-scaling and scaling functions.
3. No foam.
Pretreatment, whitening, polyester refining and alkali reduction of various fabrics.
Oxygen bleaching stabilizer WF-4004

Compounds of various metal complexing agentsPH: 6-7
1. Stabilizer in hydrogen peroxide bleaching.
2. Directly added to the bleaching solution.
High temperature bleaching and cold pad-batch oxygen bleaching of cellulose fibers and their blended fabrics.
High-efficiency Scouring Agent WF-4005N

Surfactant complexPH: 4-6
1. Excellent stability and permeability of alkali resistance.
2. Less dosage.
Continuous dyeing pretreatment of cotton and its blended fabrics, especially for cold rolling process.
High-efficiency Soaping Agent WF-4007N

Compound of Surfactant and PolymerPH: 6-8;
1. Good cleaning, dispersing and suspension effects.
2. Excellent anti-staining effect on the white ground of fabrics.
3. Good chelating ability to calcium and magnesium ions.
Soaping printing and dyeing fabrics with VAT dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, Nafto dyes.
Oxidative Desizing Agent WF-4008

Compounds of Alkyl Polyoxyethylene Ether and PeroxidePH: 2-4;
1. Excellent ability of penetration, emulsification and dispersion.
2. Excellent removal, cleaning and dispersion effect.
Overflow,desizing for jig dyeing or continuous dyeing of PA, PVA, CMC and other chemical pulps.
Non-ionic Penetranting Agent WF-4009N

Compound of Polyoxyethylene ethersPH: 8-10;
1. Excellent permeability and stability.
2. Non-ionic property and good compatibility.
3. Improve the uniformity and permeability of dyeing and the handle of fabrics.
Various dyeing and finishing processes to improve permeability and liquid carrying rate.
Oligomer Stripping Agent WF-4219

Surfactants and SaltsPH: 2-3;
1. Good solubilization, emulsification, decontamination and neutralization of residual alkali.
2. Remove amino silicone oil and other finishing agents from fabrics.
Cleaning and removing polyester oligomers, oil stains and color lakes deposited in various containers or dyeing and finishing equipment.
Effective De-oiling Agent WF-4315C

Surface Active AgentPH: 3-5;
1. No phosphorus and APEO.
2. Excellent emulsifying and dispersing ability.
3. Prevent oil agent and other substances from contaminating.
Pretreatment of blended fabrics and warp and weft knitting of polyester fibers or the same bath process of scouring and dyeing.
Emulsifying De-oiling Agent WF-4315D

Compounds of Special Anionic and Nonionic SurfactantsPH: 6-8;
1. Eliminate spots and colors.
2. Excellent emulsifying, dispersing ability and degreasing effect.
3. Special de-oiling effect on dispersing chemical fibre oil agent, high viscosity mechanical oil, dimethyl silicone oil and other substances.
Suitable for the pretreatment or scouring and dyeing of polyester woven, warp and weft knitted and spandex-containing fabrics or blended fabrics in the same bath.
Sourcing and De-oiling Agent WF-4316N

Compounds of Special Branched Chain SurfactantsPH: 6-8;
1. Effectively emulsify and disperse the oil agent on spandex fabric.
2. Strong oil-removing ability.
3. Excellent scouring and decontamination effect.
4. Small influence of colored light.
Low temperature de-oiling of decorative cloth, scouring and dyeing of polyester knitted fabric in one bath, and scouring and de-oiling of cotton and its blended textiles.
ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications

Modified silicone emulsion, non-ionic surfactant;

PH: 7-9;
1.Specially designed for use in aqueous systems.
2.Less dosage, faster defoaming, longer lasting effect.
3.Good effect in controlling foams.
Wastewater treatment for textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries.
High Concentration Leveling Agent

Special surfactant complex;
Solid content: 80-82%;
PH: 3-5;
Anion/ Nonionic
1.Low achromaticity and good dyeing reproducibility.
2.Excellent dispersion stability.
High temperature and high pressure dyeing of polyester and blended fabrics.
Effective Repairing Agent

Special surfactants;
Solid content: 80%;
PH: 5-7
1.Super migration property.
2.No influence on colored light.
3.Improve colour fastness in a wide range of colors.
4.Good fixation reproducibility.
5.Don't affect the handle and hydrophilicity of dyed fabrics.
6.No free formaldehyde or bound formaldehyde.
Repairing defects of polyester fibers and its blended fabrics.
High Concentration Fixing Agent

Polymer with Special Reaction Groups;
Solid content: 38-40%;
PH: 4-6;
Cation/ Nonionic
1.Effectively improve wet rubbing fastness of fabrics.
2.Improve colour fastness in a wide range of colors.
3.Good fixation reproducibility.
4.Don't affect the handle and hydrophilicity of dyed fabrics.
5.No free formaldehyde or bound formaldehyde.
Dyeing or printing of various cotton products with reactive dyes to improve color fastness, especially for fixing fabrics with high fastness requirements.

Anti-wrinkle and Wear Resistance Finishing Agent

Special Polymer Compound

Granular crystallization;
PH: 6-8;
1.Prevent or alleviate wrinkles and prevent chicken feet printing.
2.Soft handle.
3.Low foam and good stability.
Pretreatment, dyeing and post-treatment of various fabrics.
Scouring and Dyeing One-bath Agent for Polyester Fibers

Compounds Synthesized with Special SurfactantsPH: 6;
Anion/ Nonionic
1,Realize sourcing and dyeing in one bath.
2.Reduce sewage discharge and reduces cost.
3.Reduce weighing error.
4.Excellent low foam properties.
Scouring and dyeing of polyester fabrics in the same bath, especially for high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing of high density, heavy fabrics and gray fabrics.
ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications
Fluorescent Whitening Agent WF-9021Diphenyl ethylene derivativesPale yellow dispersions;
1. High whiteness.
2. Low dosage.
3. Strong fluorescence.
4. No macular and uneven color.
Whitening and brightening of polyester and its blended fabrics, or whitening of acetic acid fibers.
Fluorescent Whitening Agent WS-D
Diphenyl ethylene derivativesGrey-blue dispersions;
1. High whiteness with low dosage.
2. No influence on coloration by temperature.
Whitening and brightening polyester and blended fabrics.
Whitening Agent for Cotton MST-1
Stilbene disulfonate derivativesBrown-yellow to brown-red transparent liquid;
1. Excellent whiteness, pure and bright color.
2. Less yellowing.
3. Excellent acid, alkali, hard water and electrolyte resistance.
4. Low foam and good water solubility.
Pad dyeing of cotton, linen and blended fabrics at room temperature.
Fluorescent Whitening Powder 4BK-1Stilbene derivativesPale yellow uniform powder1. Fluorescence whitening effect with a slight blue-purple light.
2. Insensitive to light and stable chemical properties.
3. Resist weak acid, alkali, hydrogen peroxide and perborate.
One bath whitening of cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabrics and pad dyeing process.
ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications
Finishing Agent with Anti-pilling Effect WF-6505Special Polymer Compounds;PH:7-9;
1. Anti-pilling property and reduce tendency of pill.
2. Improve wear resistance.
3. Good film-forming properties.
Anti-pilling finishing of various fabrics.
Hydrophilic Silicone Oil WF-6508Self-emulsifying and hydrophilic Polyether Modified Silicone oil;
Solid content: 97% min
PH: 6-8;
1. Excellent softness, fullness.
2. Better air permeability, and antistatic properties.
3. Low yellowing.
4. Better compatibility
Cotton, linen, polyester and their blended fabrics.
Smooth Block Finishing Agent WF-8101N(AB)n-type block copolymer;
Solid content: 60-64%
1. Self-emulsifying fabric softener.
2. Good shear stability and pH stability.
3. Low yellowing.
Handle finishing of most fibers and fabrics, especially for synthetic fibers and protein fibers.
Film Forming Finishing Agent WF-8102NBlock Silicone Polymer with three-dimensional straight chain structure;
Solid content: 28-30%
1. Good hydrophilicity.
2. Good penetration and soft effect.
3. Good stability, shear resistance, acid and alkali resistance
Soft finishing of cotton, polyester and other fibre fabrics and yarns.
Fluffy Block Finishing Agent WF-8104NBlock Silicone Polymer with three-dimensional straight chain structure;
Solid content: 40%
1. Good penetration and soft effect.
2. Non-sticking roller, no bleaching oil.
3. Low dosage with fluffy and soft effect;high dosage with slippery performance.
Handle finishing of cotton, polyester and other plush fabrics, especially for polyester, nylon knitted and plush fabrics.
Bright and Deepening Finishing Agent WF-8105NSpecial amino modified silicone oil emulsion;
Solid content: 58-62%
Weakly Cationic/ Nonionic
1. Strong brightening effect.
2. Good handle elasticity.
3. Hydrophilic effect on cotton fabrics.
4. Compatibility with cation auxiliaries.
Deep, bright and elastic finishing of polyester, cotton and their blended fabrics.
Finishing Agent for Artificial Cotton WF-8109NSpecial silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 86-90%
Weakly Cationic
1. Good stability in high shear and wide PH range.
2. Low yellowing.
3. Give fabric soft, plump, silky feel effect.
4. Excellent compatibility.
Soft finishing of cotton, linen, rayon and their blended fabrics, and cotton/nylon woven fabrics, especially for home textile fabrics with reactive printing.
Silicone Fluffy and Softener Agent for Polyester WF-8106NBlock Silicone Polymer with three-dimensional straight chain structure;
Solid content: 38-42%
PH: 4-6
1. Good hydrophilicity and permeability property.
2. Good stability, shear resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
Soft finishing of cotton, polyester and polyester-cotton blended fabrics and yarns, especially for medium and heavy fabrics.
Finishing Agent for Polyester and Cotton WF-8191ABlock Silicone Polymer;
Solid content: 20-22%
1. Good permeability and affinity.
2. Excellent style of smoothness, elasticity and softness.
3. Good chemical stability.
4. No yellowing.
Durable soft finishing of polyester, cotton and blended fabrics, especially suitable for finishing of Dont pour pile.
Finishing Agent for Elastic-Smooth Effect WF-8203NBlock silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 60%
1. Self-emulsifying ability.
2. Smooth and elastic effect.
3. Good shear stability and pH stability.
4. Good compatibility.
Finishing treatment of cotton fabrics, Ponte fabrics (T/R.N/R) and other kinds,
Hydrophilic Finishing Agent WF-8204NBlock Silicone Polymer;
Solid content: 60%
Weakly Cationic/Nonionic
1. Soft, smooth and silky finishing effect.
2. Low yellowing.
3. Excellent compatibility.
Soft and hydrophilic finishing of cotton, rayon, polyester and their blended fabrics.
Finishing Agent for Soft and Slippery Effect WF-8205NSilicone emulsion with multicomponent block copolymer;
Solid content: 50-54%
Weakly Cationic
1. Fluffy and plump, with slippery feel effect, good elasticity, dry and non-sticky hand.
2. Excellent compatibility.
3. Low yellowing property, suitable for white/light color fabrics.
Soft finishing of all kinds of plush fabrics, especially for flannel.
Finishing Agent for Soft and Fluff Effect WF-8206NBlock Silicone Polymer;
Solid content: 50-54%
1. Good chemical stability and compatibility.
2. Low yellowing.
3. Fluffy and soft feel.
4. Good permeability and affinity.
Fluffy, soft and smooth finishing of polyacrylonitrile, polyacrylonitrile and polyester fabrics.
High Concentration Smooth Finishing Agent WF-8301NAmino modified silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 60-64%
PH:4-6; Cationic/Nonionic1. Good water solubility, stability and mixability.
2. Smooth and elastic style is durable and washable.
All kinds of fibre fabrics and finishing of fleece fabrics such as coral velvet.
Highly Concentrated Fluffy Finishing Agent WF-8402NAmino modified silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 60-64%
PH:4-6; Cationic/Nonionic1. Good water solubility, stability and mixability;
2. Durable washable fluffy style.
All kinds of fiber fabrics
Finishing Agent with Bright, soft and Smooth Effect WF-8403Special Silicone Polymers;
Solid content: 38-42%
PH:5-7; Cationic/Nonionic1. Excellent oiliness, soft and smooth handle.
2. Good elastic finishing style with a silky feel.
3. Good chemical stability and compatibility;
4. Excellent gloss brightness and freshness.
All kinds of wool products, such as polyester micro-velvet, T/C micro-velvet, cotton towel cloth, etc.
Hydrophilicity Silicone Oil with Cold Sensation WF-8499NPolyether block silicone emulsion;
Solid content: 60-62%
PH:4-6; Weakly Cationic1. Good hydrophilic effect and good thermal stability.
2. Soft and smooth effect, with obvious cold silk feeling.
3. Low yellowing.
4. No APEO.
Hydrophilic ice-smooth finishing of pure cotton, lycra and mercerized cotton.
Silicone oli 202Polydimethylsiloxane FluidViscosity:5cst -60000cst1. Good chemical stability
2. Electrical insulation.
3. Weatherability.
4. Hydrophobicity.
5. High shear resistance.
Insulation oil, lubricating oil, oil and dust proof, dielectric liquid and heat carrier, release agent, additive for daily chemicals.
Methyl Hydrogen Silicone oil WF-202PolymethylhydrosiloxaneHydrogen Content: 1.58%min1. Outstanding water repellent property.
2. high vapor permeability.
Waterproofing agent for various materials, especially for fabric waterproofing.
Hydroxy Terminated Silicone Fluid WF-401Silanol Terminated PolydimethylsiloxaneViscosity:20cst -70cst1. Oligomeric siloxane synthesized by cyclic polymerization.
2. Control agent of silicon rubber structure.
Waterproofing, softening and anti-sticking treatment of fabrics, paper and leather.
Slickness Finishing Agent
(AB)n-type block copolymerPH:4-6; Cationic1.New self-emulsifying fabric finishing agent with slippery and fluffy effect.
2.Good compatibility.
3.Low yellowing, suitable for white or light-colored fabrics.
Handle finishing of all fibers and fabrics
Softener with Slickness
A self-cross-linkable silicone emulsion with an amino-functional silicone polymerPH:4-6; Weakly Cationic1.Forms an elastomeric film as soon so the water evaporates.
2.Can give the fabric good slickness with soft hand feeling.
3.Good elasticity and quick recovery of tension.
4.Moderate water proofing effect.
5. Low yellowing property, good shear stability, and No APEO.
Soft finishing of all kinds of fabrics, especially in mercerized cotton knits, wool, wool blending knits and worsted wool woven, with smooth, soft and bouncy handle.
ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications
Softener Flake for Acrylic Fiber WF-6155NPolyamide cationic complexPH:4-6;
1. Soft and slippery handle.
2. Excellent antistatic performance.
3. Little influence on the colored light.
Dipping and finishing of natural fibers such as acrylic, cotton, hemp and other synthetic fibers.
Softener Flake for Cotton WF-6156NPolyamide cationic complexPH:4-6;
1. Soft and slippery handle;
2. Excellent antistatic performance;
3. Little influence on the colored light
Impregnation and pad finishing of natural fibers such as cotton, rayon, hemp and other synthetic fibers.
Softener Paste WF-6157Polyamide cationic complex;PH:4-6;
1. Soft and slippery handle;
2. Excellent antistatic performance;
3. Little influence on the colored light
Impregnation and pad finishing of natural fibers such as cotton, rayon, hemp and other synthetic fibers.
ProductChemical ComponentsTechnical IndexFeaturesApplications
Non-ionic Antistatic Powder WF-6480ASpecial nonionic polymer complexWhite and slightly-moist powder;
1. Excellent antistatic performance.
2. Excellent ability of moisture absorption, conductivity, anti-fouling and dust-proof.
3. Improve pilling resistance.
Antistatic treatment of polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool and their blended fabrics
Stiffening Agent WF-6490Modified Amino ResinPH: 7-9High reactivity, excellent stiffness, anti-slip effect, good elasticity, don't become soft again.Stiff finishing of polyester, nylon and their blended fabrics.
Hygroscopicity and Perspiration Eliminating Agent WF-6502NHydrophilic polyesterFlake;
1. Excellent hygroscopicity, quick drying, easy decontamination and antistatic.
2. Fluffy and soft handle.
3. Good washing resistance.
Moisture absorption and sweat removal finishing of polyester, nylon, acetate and their blended fabrics.
Used as crosslinking agent.
Anti-yellowing Agent WF-6503Special Polymer CompoundsPH: 5-7;
1. Anti-yellowing from heat setting.
2. Protecting amino groups.
3. Prevent yellowing caused by impurities.
Deepening finishing of polyester, nylon, cotton and their blended dyed and printed fabrics.
Anti-Ultraviolet Finishing Agent WF-6504Aromatic Organic Modified CompoundsPH: 3.5-5.5;
1. Excellent ultraviolet absorption performance.
2. Improve fastness to sunlight.
3. Good stability.
Anti-ultraviolet finishing of polyester fabrics and improving the fastness to sunlight.
Aromatic Finishing Agent WF-6506Aromatic CompoundPH: 5.5-7.5;
Lasting pure elegant fragrance.Fragrance finishing of cotton, linen, wool, silk and chemical fibre fabrics.