Modified Amino Resin 

Technical Index

AppearanceLight yellow transparent viscous liquid
Solid Content, %72.0-76.0
PH Value (1% water solution)7.0-9.0

Features and Advantages

1. High reactivity, excellent stiffness, anti-slip effect, good elasticity, no softening.            

2. It can be mixed with coating glue and printing binder to improve fastness.            

3. The fastness to washing of fabrics can be significantly improved by mixing with 

waterproof oil and oil repellent. 


It is suitable for stiff finishing of polyester, nylon and their blended fabrics. It can also be used as crosslinking agent. 


1. Stiffening Process:

 Stiffener: 10-200g/L; catalyst: 20-25% of stiffener dosage            

Process flow: dipping and rolling→baking (170-200℃, 30-90S)            

2. Compound with waterproof and oil-proof agent, coating glue, etc.            

Stiffener: 3-6g/L; catalyst: 20-25% of stiffener dosage            

Note: It is not recommended to use cellulose fibers.

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.


150KG Plastic Drum or other packing on request. Sealed and light-proof storage. 

Shelf life

6 months.