Surfactants, Inorganic Salts 

Technical Index

AppearanceWhite Powder
PH Value (1% water solution)11.0-12.0

Features and Advantages

This product is a multi-functional scouring assistant, which integrates scouring, penetration, chelating and other functions. In the alkali-oxygen one-bath bleaching process, only the product and hydrogen peroxide are added, which is not only convenient and simple to use, but also low weight loss rate of fabrics, and COD value of wastewater will decrease. Application

It is suitable for alkali-oxygen one-bath pretreatment of cotton, polyester-cotton warp-weft knitted fabrics, towels, skeins, cheese, etc. 


1.Cotton knitting process:            

WF-4006: 2-3g/L, H2O2 (27.5%): 4-6g/L, temperature: 98℃, time: 40-60 minutes           

 Rapid process: 110℃ with 15-20 minutes, 120℃ with 10-15 minutes            

The treatment temperature of spandex-containing fabrics should not exceed 105℃.            

2. Polyester-cotton knitting process:            

WF-4006: 1-3g/L, H2O2 (27.5%): 4-8g/L, temperature: 98℃, time: 40-60 minutes          

3. Skein and bobbin yarn technology:            

WF-4006:2-4g/L, H2O2 (27.5%): 4-8g/L, temperature: 98℃, time: 60-80 minutes            

4. Winding and dyeing of shuttle fabrics:            

WF-4006: 1-3% (o.w.f), H2O2 (27.5%): 4-8% (o.w.f), temperature: 98℃


25KG Bag or other packing on request. 

Sealed and light-proof storage.

Shelf life: