Diphenyl ethylene derivatives

Technical Index

AppearanceGrey-blue dispersions
Ultraviolet Absorption (E10g/L1cm )230-260

Features and Advantages

1. This product has high whiteness, low dosage, and coloration is not controlled by temperature. It is an ideal whitening agent at low temperature.            

2. It is suitable for pad and hot melt dyeing, high temperature and high pressure dyeing and low temperature adsorption and fixation dyeing.            

3. It can be used in alkali-oxygen one-bath process of T/C, T/R and other blended fabrics.  


It is suitable for whitening and brightening polyester and blended fabrics. 


1. Pad dyeing and hot melting: 1-3g/L 

The technological process is as follows: two immersion and two rolling (Pick-up 70%), 

Pre-baking (100℃), baking (180-210℃, 20-30s).

Note: Alkali residues on fabrics must be washed after pretreatment.

2. Dip-dyeing method: 

Dosage: 0.1-0.3% (o.w.f), if dosage more than 0.2% (o.w.f), whiteness and blue-violet light will increase. 

Bath ratio: 1:10-30; PH: 6-12      


98-100℃ (low temperature) x 30-60 min→ washing→ drying→ setting 

120-130℃ (high temperature) x 30-60 min→ washing→ drying→ setting


1. Shake well before using this product (turn the plastic bucket upside down and shake hard repeatedly), and weigh accurately.

2. Cannot be mixed with concentrated alkali.


5KG Plastic Drums, 4 Drums per Carton, or other packing on request. Sealed and light-proof storage.

Shelf life

6 months.