Organic acid complexes 

Technical Index

AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid28.0-30.0
PH Value (1% water solution)5.0-7.0
Calcium chelating power, mg/g≥95.0

Features and Advantages

1. Excellent complexing and dispersing ability. It can effectively disperse inorganic and organic suspended particles while complexing metal ions, prevent fabric from contamination, and has strong anti-scaling and scaling functions. Effectively improve water quality and product quality.            

2. Excellent complexing and dispersing ability. No foam.  


It is suitable for pretreatment, whitening, polyester refining and alkali reduction of various fabrics. After dyeing or printing, the water quality of various fabrics is improved in the process of washing, soaping and anti-staining.


1. Water treatment: 0.3-2g/L            

2. Pretreatment and whitening bath: 1-3g/L            

3. Dacron alkali reduction and cylinder cleaning after dyeing            

WF-4003A: 2-4g/L, NaOH: 20-30g/L, detergent: 2-3g/L            

Temperature: 130℃, 

Holding time: 30 minutes            

4. Fabric dyeing, washing and soaping after printing: 1-3g/L            

5. Anti-staining after dyeing and printing: 2-4g/L 


120KG Plastic Drums or other packing on request.

Shelf life:

12months. Sealed and light-proof storage.